Are You Listening?

Life is Talking to You!

While I provide couple counselling, and counselling for teenagers and adults in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Victoria, I also have a book available ... filled with simple strategies. Why did I write this 2nd book?

Well, during my research for my first book, Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide, I discovered an easier way to live, a far less complicated way. I could see clearly how I (many years ago), and others (many clients) make life miore challenging. I also could see how they could change this. This book has already saved many lives, particularly of those who previously had suicidal thinking... My book helps you understand many areas, and gives you simple strategies. There is a world that most people do not know about - an attitude that makes life easier, goals more readily attained, and relationships much more fulfilling. In this 'different world', we learn about the power of the unsconscious, healing deep wounds, and changing life long thought patterns. My new book, Are you listening? will open your mind up to a different way of looking at life, relating to life, and therefore ... a different way to live. 

This book has not only helped many readers, and my clients...I have seen it save lives!

Here are just some of the situations I have seen this book work miracles in:

For those:

recently seperated,
in an abusive relationship,
struggling with drinking issues,
married to an addict,
struggling with self doubt,
overwhelmed by constant negative thoughts,
feeling lost,
suffering grief and loss,
feeling as though hope is lost,
feeling lonely,
feeling indecisive,
unhappily married,
suffering from PTSD / anxiety or depression...

I've seen so many people in crisis, and i've seen so many heal... We all have ups and downs, but this book gives clients / readers power over thought, increased self esteem, and helps them heal. 

LIFE IS COMMUNICATING WITH YOU!    I have appropriately called my 2nd book:

Are YOU listening? Life is Talking to YOU!

How to Order:

To Order your (signed copy) from Australia click here. To
 order from USA (click here) or UK (click here).

10 Chapters

    • Are you listening to Yourself?
    • Are you listening to your Thoughts?
    • Are you listening to your Emotions?
    • Are you listening to your Body?
    • Are you listening to your Instincts?
    • Are you listening to your Relationships?
    • Are you listening to Love and Desire?
    • Are you listening to Tme and Money?
    • Are you listening to The Rules?
    • Are you listening to The Universe?

Please email me for more information... What is my second book about? We create our reality with every thought, every action, every dream and goal. We are hugely powerful beings, yet so many people give their power away. Our thoughts are real, tangible things that carry heavy weight in this universe. Add emotion to thought, and things happen! (Naturally, this is why negative thinking can be devastating).

These things are important...BUT what IS really important is this – THE MINDSET….Understanding how Life works…

This book, Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU contains: Universal rules, psychological tools, psychic information, information on quantum physics, and strategies from some of the greatest minds ever, plus mine. I have packaged this book, in an easy to read formula so you can apply the strategies now, and make the changes you need.

This world has rules, strategies, but ultimately, in this other world, YOU control your life (most of it)! How? Well, if you can control your thoughts, you can control your life, so I created 10 steps to easily control my thoughts, and ultimately my life. But most importantly, since I discovered the following VITAL piece of information, life became SO MUCH EASIER!... Life is TALKING TO YOU!

*** Disclaimer: The strategies in my books are not intended to replace medical, psychiatric or psychological support networks that may, or may not be, in place ***  

Please click here to see information about my first book, Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide ...

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